Wygwam 3

We just released Wygwam 3, a big update to ExpressionEngine’s most popular WYSIWYG editor.

Its new features include:

CKEditor 4

Wygwam now includes the latest release of CKEditor 4. We’ve ported all of our enhancements over from the old codebase, including support for Assets’ and EE’s file upload modals, our custom Link Types support for easily linking to your site’s pages, templates, and Structure pages, and our Read More plugin.

CKEditor 4 brings accessibility improvements, page load and runtime performance improvements, and a lighter overall footprint, thanks to its new ability to tailor which features you want before the source code is compiled into a build. We’ve made some executive decisions on that last point: in Wygwam 3 you no longer have the option to customize font styles directly from the editor or add emoticons. If you have an issue with that, you’re probably using the wrong CMS to begin with.

Another cool thing: CKEditor 4 is now super smart about what types of HTML elements it will allow into the editor. It assembles a whitelist based on the selected toolbar buttons. So if your Wygwam config doesn’t include the Underline button, there’s literally no way to add a <u> tag. Even if you go into Source view and type it in yourself, CKEditor will remove it, and just keep the contents. (You can explicitly allow certain tags using the new extraAllowedContent config setting.)

Content Elements Compatibility

That’s right! Wygwam is now compatible with Krea’s Content Elements add-on. Content Elements is an EE fieldtype that lets you create editorial composed of different types of content (text, images, code samples, etc.) in no particular order. When setting up a Content Elements field, you get to choose what types of sub-fields (called “elements”) you want to allow, and now Wygwam is an option.

This is particularly exciting because before today, not only were Content Elements and Wygwam incompatible, but there was actually an add-on conflict between them. Content Element’s built-in WYSIWYG element type is also based on CKEditor, so things would get a little crazy if you had a Wygwam field and a Content Elements field with a WYSIWYG element type in the same field group. Now if you have a need for that, you can just choose “Wygwam” rather than “WYSIWYG”.

Clean New Look

With each major Wygwam update, we try to simplify the UI as much as possible so that authors can focus on their content without getting distracted by overly-attention-seeking UI chrome. This update is no different. We are extremely happy with how this one came out – it’s truly a joy to use. You and your clients will love it!

Free Upgrade

As always, Wygwam 3 is a free upgrade for existing licenses, and just $29 for new sites. If you bought a Wygwam license here on pixelandtonic.com in the past, don’t forget that your licenses have been transferred to devot:ee. If you don’t have a devot:ee account yet, or you’re not seeing your pixelandtonic.com licenses there, try going to the P&T Claim Page to reclaim your licenses. If that’s not helping, the folks at devot:ee will be happy to sort you out if you email info@devot-ee.com.

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