We Gave Craft a Better Watch

It quickly became clear that the time support in yesterday’s release was a bit underwhelming. That didn’t sit well with us, so we went back to the drawing board, and came up with something much better.

We just released Craft 0.9.2218 which separates the date and time inputs, gives time selection its own menu (using jquery.timepicker), and it even displays the dates and times based on the date/time formats defined by the user’s preferred locale. So people in the US are going to get dates displayed as MM/DD/YYYY, while people in the UK will get DD/MM/YYYY.

Date fields also got a new “Show time” setting, so now you get to choose whether your Date field is just for a date, or for a specific date and time.

We’ve also beefed up Craft’s Timezone setting to include all known timezones rather than just the ones that have unique abbreviations, and there are a few bug fixes in there as well. So fire up those auto-updaters!

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