Forms, Email, and SEO come to Craft from Barrel Strength Design

Earlier this week, Barrel Strength Design released Sprout Forms 1.0, Sprout Email 1.0, and Sprout SEO 1.0. We're thrilled to see these plugins make it out of beta, as each of them have been very highly anticipated by the Craft community.

We also want to applaud Barrel Strength for choosing a pricing model that is both fair and sustainable. Each plugin costs $99, which will give you unlimited use of the plugin on a single Craft install, and one year of support and updates. Sites that need extended support and updates can pay a renewal fee when the year is up. We think this is a much better approach to pricing than offering unlimited support and updates (whether implied or promised) for a single up front cost, which often leads to resentment and bad support experiences, or worse – MIA developers.

If you're building a site that requires customer contact forms, email marketing campaigns, or smart SEO, we encourage you to support Barrel Strength and give these plugins a shot. They're good people, and they're committed to serving the Craft community with great plugins and support.

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