So Long, Packages

We’ve been selling Craft with its Package model for over a year now, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about what works vs. what doesn’t.

There’s one nail that we hit right on the head: Craft’s free feature set. We expected that most people would get acquainted with Craft by trying it out on a personal portfolio or blog, and we wanted them to be able to comfortably do that with the core version. For once that’s exactly how it’s panned out – today Craft’s customer base has grown to the point of profitability, and the vast majority of our customers built their first Craft site with just the core features. We’ve even received a lot of feedback that people are very pleased with how much can be accomplished with the core product. So this is one thing that’s not going to change.

Besides that though, we haven’t been in love with our pricing model. On one hand, some of our customers voiced that it was too complicated, with each site requiring five separate purchase decisions. On the other hand, some of our customers wished for more granularity. For example, a new “Users Lite” package was a common request, which would offer just a single additional user account for the client, with limited permissions.

How can we possibly reconcile those two opposing requests? We can get rid of packages altogether, that’s how.

As of today, Craft no longer has “packages”. Instead, it is available in three separate editions: Personal, Client, and Pro.

Craft Personal offers the exact same features that you got for free in Craft 1 (including all the new 2.0 stuff, of course), so no real change there.

Practically everyone who bought packages in Craft 1 started with Publish Pro, so we knew that had to be the starting point for Craft Client. We’ve thrown in a couple other things as well: all of the system rebranding features that came with the Rebrand package, and a new feature that’s exclusive to Client: the “Client’s Account”. The Client’s Account is a second user account, which gets all of the non-Admin permissions. Should be just what the doctor ordered, for many sites.

Craft Pro, as you may have guessed, offers the full breadth of Craft’s premium features: all of the great content publishing features, unlimited user accounts, localization, integration with cloud-based file storage services, and system rebranding.

How much do these things cost? Glad you asked!

We still think a free “core” version is the right thing to do, so Personal is just as free as Craft 1’s core feature set was.

Craft Client is priced at $199 – that’s $99 less than you would have had to pay for Publish Pro and Users in Craft 1, if you absolutely needed that second account for your client, and $148 less if you wanted Rebrand too.

What about Craft Pro? The same feature set would have cost $695 in Craft 1 – a price point that was simply out of reach for a lot of projects, especially ones for mom and pop shops in many European countries where translation features are a must-have. So we’ve decided to sell Craft Pro for just $299. That’s only $1 more than Publish Pro and Users would have cost in Craft 1 (our most popular combination), half the cost of Publish Pro, Users, and Localize, and a whopping $396 less than the full enchilada.

We’re really excited about this. We think it’s a much simpler model, and the new price points are going to help get Craft into the hands of even more people. We hope you agree!

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