I launched this site over three years ago now. I was working solo at the time, with three commercial EE add-ons and the drive to build a company. Today there are four of us, we’ve got two more add-ons, our own frickin’ CMS, and we’re fostering a new community that’s growing around that CMS.

Times have changed, and so the time has come to to rethink this site’s purpose. There are things it should be focussing on that it wasn’t, and things it shouldn’t be focussing on anymore that it was.

Devoted to devot:ee

Back when the site launched, devot:ee was in its infancy, and its add-on store was merely a twinkle in Ryan Masuga’s eye. Now that site is a vital resource for the EE community, and with its user reviews, favorites, store, and now lists, it’s a much better place to find out about, share, and purchase our add-ons than this site could ever be. So rather than try to compete with that, we have decided to let devot:ee handle the dedicated add-on overview pages and purchasing exclusively. The EE add-ons section of this site is now an elegant menu of our add-ons, with links to devot:ee.

If you’ve purchased any add-on licenses on pixelandtonic.com in the past, all of those licenses have already been transferred to your devot:ee account. If you don’t have one, or there’s an email mismatch between your devot:ee and former P&T accounts, you’ll receive an email with instructions to reclaim your licenses.

Static add-on docs

As of today, all of our add-on documentation is available as good ol’ Apache-served HTML files at docs.pixelandtonic.com. We’ve been meaning to do this for a while now – this way they can remain available even when we need to take our site down for maintenance.

New pages

We’ve added two new pages to the site: Craft and About Us. The Craft page features a gorgeous photo taken by the super-talented Ashley Baxter, and About Us has illustrations and quick bios for each of us.

Built with Craft

If there’s any wonder, yes the new pixelandtonic.com was built with Craft. We like it!

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