Exactly one year ago today, we invited a few of our friends and longtime customers to a private dinner where we demoed two things: Assets 2 and Blocks (the original name for Craft).

Private dinner invitation

At the end of the Blocks demo, we announced it publicly with a a tweet, and launched a little teaser page:

blockscms.com teaser page

The excitement surrounding the announcement was palpable, and it spurred what has been the craziest 52 weeks of our lives:

  • Four weeks later, we launched the private beta.
  • 16 weeks after that, we launched the public beta, and renamed Blocks to Craft.
  • 13 weeks after that, we launched Craft 1.0.
  • 8 weeks after that, we launched Craft 1.1.
  • 7 weeks after that, we launched Craft 1.2.

Those are just the notable releases, of course. At the time of writing, there have been 94 updates in total, with an average of two updates a week. We’ve added 207 new features, made 447 improvements to existing features, and fixed 420 bugs. As I said, it’s been crazy!

But enough looking back. Our original teaser page claimed that Blocks was the “next generation of content management”. While I’m extremely proud of the work we’ve done on Craft so far, I’m not sure we’ve lived up to that claim. We’ve certainly built a really great platform for content management. But platforms don’t count for much if there’s nothing truly amazing available to take advantage of them.

We believe the next big update is going to change that.

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