Craft 2.4 is Now Compatible with PHP 7

We just released Craft 2.4.2697 with a few minor improvements and bug fixes, and one really awesome improvement: Craft 2.4 is now fully compatible with PHP 7!

PHP 7 is expected to be released for general availability in the coming weeks (its fifth release candidate just arrived today). It packs some nice new features for programmers, but the headlining feature is its speed. They claim that applications will see 25-70% performance gains, and they’re not kidding! In fact we’re seeing about an 80% gain on a typical Craft dashboard request – from an average of 241 milliseconds down to 50! Memory usage is also way down – from 20.19 MB down to 3.76.

We expect PHP 7 to see a much faster adaption rate than typical updates due to these performance gains, so it’s especially important for Craft to be ready. And now it is!

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