Matrix 2 Released

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the release of Matrix 2 for ExpressionEngine 1 and 2.

Matrix 2 is a complete rewrite of what was formerly called FF Matrix. We’ve added some great new features along the way:

New UI

As if you didn’t see this coming :) Matrix 2 sports a new translucent skin that looks great on both ExpressionEngine 1 and all of the ExpressionEngine 2 themes.

File Celltype for ExpressionEngine 2

Thanks to EE2’s new File Manager, adding a File celltype to Matrix was too easy to pass up. Plus, we realize how essential file upload celltypes have become to many of Matrix’s uses.

New Column Settings

You can now give each of your columns their own instructions for authors, set their widths, and decide whether data entered into that column should be used as search keywords or not.

Its Own Database Table

Rather than jumbling all of your data into a giant serialized array and storing it in your exp_weblog_data table, Matrix 2 actually saves its data in a new exp_matrix_data table, which leads to better reliability and performance.

Free Upgrade

If you’ve already purchased an FF Matrix Site License, upgrading to Matrix 2 is completely free. And new licenses are just $55.

Hope you like it!

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