Our Plans for ExpressionEngine 3

Now that ExpressionEngine 3.1 is out and we’ve started to jump on the EE3 bandwagon, it’s time for us to share our thoughts and plans for the platform.


Our customers love Wygwam. It was the first CKEditor-based rich text editor for ExpressionEngine, and to this day it remains the top selling add-on for the entire platform. It’s also a relatively simple add-on to support and maintain compared to the others, so it was an obvious starting point for our EE3 efforts.

Last week we released Wygwam 4.0, which adds EE3 compatibility, including an updated UI so it feels at home in EE3’s new admin interface. We took the opportunity to clean things up a bit—we’ve dropped support for EE2 and CKFinder. (Wygwam 3 is still available as a legacy download on Devot:ee if you need either of those things.)

As always, Wygwam 4 is a free update for existing customers, and we are charging $49 for new licenses.

Matrix and Playa

We are not going to port Matrix and Playa to EE3.

This wasn’t an easy decision. They’re near and dear to our hearts—they put P&T on the map after all—and they continue to sell well despite increased competition from ExpressionEngine. But the hard truth is that their days are numbered.

Their main advantage over the built-in Grid and Relationship fields is their compatibility with third party add-ons like Low Variables and Content Elements. But as EllisLab works to reduce reliance on third party add-ons, that advantage will go away. EllisLab made two announcements at the ExpressionEngine Conference in October that back this up: 1) they want to make it possible to add custom fields “everywhere” (presumably including global variables), and 2) they want to add support for managing modular content (like Craft’s Matrix field). When these things happen, the content challenges currently solved by Matrix, Playa, Low Variables, Content Elements, and Blocks will all be solved with out-of-the-box functionality, rendering each of these add-ons unnecessary.

Just because we aren’t going to port the add-ons to EE3 doesn’t mean we’re dropping support for them though. The content problems they solve aren’t going away, and so as long as a better alternative doesn’t exist, we’ll continue to sell, maintain, and support them. And when a better alternative does come around, we will do what we can to ensure no one is stranded on EE2 because of these add-ons.


We are planning on adding EE3 compatibility to Assets, although it’s several orders of magnitude more complex than Wygwam, so it’s way too early to be giving an ETA. Rather than do a straight port of the add-on, we’re going to take the opportunity to incorporate some some exciting new features based on things we’re doing for Craft 3, so it will be worth the wait!

Field Pack

No EE install is complete without Field Pack, so we’ll definitely port it to EE3 (sooner than later).

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