EE Add-on Updates Galore!

We’ve just released a whole batch of updates to our ExpressionEngine add-ons.

  • Playa 4.5 adds Content Elements compatibility and support for setting disable="playa" in your {exp:channel:entries} tags. (release notes)
  • Assets 2.4 adds compatibility with Low Search and Solspace Super Search, plus some new extension hooks. (release notes)
  • Matrix 2.6 adds support for EE’s time_format config setting and simplifies posting new rows via Channel Forms. (release notes)
  • Wygwam 3.3.2 adds a new “wygwam_prevent_url_conversion” config setting. (release notes)

Each update also comes with a few bug fixes as well. It’s worth noting that we haven’t found any bugs in our add-ons directly related to EE 2.9.

As always, these are free updates for existing customers. Just download the new version on Devot:ee!

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