Announcing the Craft Feedback Site

If you've ever sent in a feature request for Craft, we probably told you that we'll add it to The List. And we do – we store all feature requests and to-do's in Asana, where we discuss it and consider ways to address it.

The problem is, that list is private, so no one has any idea if their idea has been requested before, or how likely we are to actually get around to it anytime soon. And while we do try to make notes of duplicate requests and have some idea of how popular the ideas are, a to-do list app is ultimately not the right tool for that job.

That is why we have decided to launch, a new feedback site powered by UserVoice. It's got two forums: Feature Requests, for all general feature/improvement ideas, and Bugs, for minor bugs and unexpected behaviors. (If you run into a more serious bug, we'd still prefer that you email it directly to or use the Get Help widget on your Craft dashboard.)

Going forward, if you have an idea for how Craft could be better, this is the place to post it. You'll get to find out how popular your idea is, and we'll get a much clearer picture of how we should be prioritizing things.

We've already seeded the site with a few ideas from Asana, so vote on the ones you like and post a few of your own!

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