Craft Commerce is Almost Ready

It’s been six months since we announced that we were building Craft Commerce, and well, it’s been a busy six months. This has been a monumental task, but today we are thrilled to report that it’s just about ready for 1.0.

We still have some work to do before we can release it publicly – documentation, purchasing/license verification, the actual website, etc. – but the software itself is in great shape. In fact, we will be getting the first Release Candidate out for our private beta testers later this week.

Feature-wise, Craft Commerce will not disappoint. From where we’re standing, this is the most flexible, developer/designer/author-friendly e-commerce platform out there. It’s deeply integrated with Craft CMS itself, which has opened up all sorts of interesting possibilities. We’ve been seriously impressed with some of the things people in the private beta have done with it. It’s truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Here’s some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Organize products into multiple product types, each with their own URL format, template, and custom fields.
  • Choose which products should have variants, and define custom variant fields.
  • Edit products with Live Preview.
  • Show product info and purchase forms inline with other content throughout your site, with the Products relational field.
  • Create new products directly from Products fields.
  • Take complete control over the front end user experience with Twig templates and flexible controller actions.
  • Capture custom information from customers during checkout with custom fields on the order.
  • Set up complex tax and shipping rate rules based on the shop’s needs and legal requirements.
  • Choose from 25 supported gateways, or easily create a new one with the extensible gateway APIs.
  • Set up order processing workflows with custom order statuses.
  • Create sales across multiple products/product types, and accept coupon codes.

Release Date and Pricing

Barring any major issues or delays, we are planning on releasing Craft Commerce 1.0 on December 1st, and it will cost $999 (which includes a Craft Pro license).

We’re taking the same approach to licensing as we’ve done with Craft CMS, so that’s a once-per-site licensing fee, and it comes with the same standard support we provide to all our Craft CMS users, and a lifetime of free updates. You will also be able to test Craft Commerce out for free, with its full feature set except the ability to accept payments.

Be sure to join Craft Commerce’s mailing list over at and we’ll email you just as soon as 1.0 is out!

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