Craft Commerce

We made a big splash today at the Craft CMS Summit: Pixel & Tonic has hired Luke Holder, and we have acquired his Market Commerce plugin!

Market Commerce is a full-featured eCommerce plugin for Craft, with support for products, variants, orders, discounts, sales, taxes, shipping, notifications, and reports, and it works with all major payment gateways.

Under P&T's ownership, the whole team will be pitching in to improve on its features, user experience, and overall quality, with Luke remaining at the helm. We will be releasing a Public Beta of the plugin later this year, renamed to Craft Commerce. You can sign up to be notified when that happens from buildwithcraft.com/commerce.

“I am excited to begin working with P&T on Commerce. I've worked hard to get the plugin where it is today, and by joining P&T, it's going to be even better," said Luke.

We're all really thrilled about this. We think a full-featured, P&T-supported eCommerce solution is going to be a big boost for the whole Craft ecosystem, as it will position Craft as the go-to CMS for an ever wider range of websites.

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