Craft 2.5 Beta is Here

Today we are unveiling a massive update to Craft CMS, focussed on improving the author experience across the board.

Brand New Dashboard

The Dashboard has been rebuilt from the ground up, bringing all widget management controls right into the main Dashboard page. Now users can create new widgets, edit widget settings, reorder, resize, and delete widgets, without ever losing context. Changes take effect immediately and you can literally watch widgets react as you manage them. The end result is a much more user friendly experience that encourages personalization so users can really get the most out of their Dashboards.

The new Dashboard in Craft 2.5

Customizable Element Indexes

Admins can now customize the sidebar sources for the site’s element indexes, including reordering the sources and creating custom source group headings. Tired of explaining the difference between a “Channel” and a “Structure” to your clients? Then stop! Group your sources in a way that actually makes sense for your site’s content.

It’s possible to change which table columns show up for each source as well now, and custom field columns are fair game. The dates your Services section’s entries are published/expired might not be relevant to you, but perhaps a Featured Image field is, so now you can switch that up.

A customized entry index in Craft 2.5

Inline Element Creation

Authors can now create new entries and categories right from Entries/Categories relation fields, while they’re in the middle of editing the parent content, without leaving the page. Other element types can do this too – Products, for example.

Inline entry creation in Craft 2.5

So Much More

This only scratches the surface of what’s new in Craft 2.5. We’ve added some awesome new features for plugins, like the ability to be included in Craft’s update notifications, and we’ve improved the way Craft saves images, significantly reducing their file sizes without a noticeable effect on quality, to name a couple. In fact there are over 120 new features and improvements in total.

Read through all of the changes, and download the beta at You can also update existing Craft sites running Craft 2.4.2688 or later by setting the showBetaUpdates config setting to ‘true’.

2.5 GA Release Date

Like Craft Commerce, we are aiming to release Craft 2.5 for general availability on December 1st. We’re hoping that plugin developers will take a little time between now and then testing their plugins, in case we changed anything they’re relying on. Those with their own element types in particular should be tested, as a lot of the JavaScript powering element indexes has changed.

Hope you like it!

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