Craft 2.3 Released

We’ve just released Craft 2.3 – by far the most massive minor Craft release yet with over 230 new features and improvements.

Workflow efficiency and scalability were our two main areas of focus for this release. At the outset, we identified several areas where Craft’s UX suffers when working with large amounts of content, and set out to fix as many of them as we could.

  • It’s now possible to make changes to your content elements right from the index pages, rather than drilling down into their individual edit pages. Batch editing and deletion is also possible, now.
  • Matrix fields with lots of blocks are much easier to manage now, thanks to the ability to reorder, expand/collapse, enable/disable, and delete multiple blocks at once.
  • Entries and categories have a new “Save as a new entry/category” option on the Save button menu.
  • When deleting a user, you can now choose to reassign all of their content to a different user, rather than going through and doing all that work manually.
  • Structure entries and categories now have the same tabular index UIs as regular channel entries, making them much faster and more scalable than before.
  • Categories fields have been rewritten for much better scalability.
  • Entries’ “Parent Entry” and “Author” settings now use element selector modals rather than drop-down menus, for better scalability.

Our international customers will be happy to hear that Craft’s Control Panel has been translated into five new languages: Simplified Chinese, Hebrew, Korean, Spanish, and Swedish. That brings the grand total up to 15 supported languages!

We’ve also added some great new extensibility features for plugin developers in Craft 2.3. There’s a new Element Actions API that enables plugins to add new actions to the Entries, Categories, Assets, and Users index pages (along with third party element types’ index pages), and there are new hooks that make it possible for plugins to customize the table view columns on those pages.

The list goes on and on. Check out the What’s New page for more highlights (including a video showing off some of the best new features!), and read through the full release notes if you dare.

We’re thrilled to be getting this release into your hands today. Some of these features have been cooking for six months now, and as one of our beta testers put it, they’re absolutely delicious! But don’t take our word for it – click that Update button and find out for yourself :)

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