Craft 2

It’s been five months since Craft 1.3 came out, and boy have we been busy. We’ve redesigned Craft’s Control Panel and refactored large portions of the codebase. We’ve finalized our “Element Type API” for plugins, and introduced background task support. We’ve added taxonomy support via categories, eight alternate data caching methods, partial template caching, and tons more – there are 250 additions and improvements in total!

Today we are unveiling all of that work, and we’re calling it Craft 2.

To top it off, Craft now has a new pricing model (which we’ve written about in a separate post), and its license agreement is now much less restrictive for plugins. Best of all, Craft 2 is a free upgrade, and as a thank-you for all your support, we’ve upgraded every license that has at least one package purchase to a full-blown Craft Pro license.

This is a very big day for Craft. We hope you’re as excited as we are! Now go click that “Update” button.

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