Craft 1.2

We just released Craft 1.2 – a huge update that literally packs over 100 new features and improvements.

There are two features in particular that you really ought to know about:

Section Types

A Structure section in Craft 1.2

Sections have worked really well for repeating content, where the order of the entries isn’t really important. Not all content fits that mold though, so for Craft 1.2 we decided to create two entirely new types of sections:

  • Singles – Used for one-off pages that have unique content requirements, such as the Homepage.
  • Structures – Used when the the order of the entries is important. Oh, and they can have a hierarchy!

You may know that Globals have been our recommended approach for one-off page content in the past. So why use Singles instead? Two reasons: semantics (you no longer click on “Globals” to edit content that couldn’t be less “global”) and because Singles get Live Preview.

Structures are, quite simply, awesome. You get control over how deep the entries can go, and you even get to choose separate URL formats for top-level entries versus nested ones if you want. There‘s a new entry index view for seeing the full section’s structure at once, where you can move entries around and add new ones, and we’ve added lots of new templating features for outputting your structured entries however you want on the front end.

Entry Types

The other big new feature is Entry Types. Previously, all sections were only given a single set of fields. That’s fine most for most needs, but there are times when a single section needs to be able to manage multiple types of content.

Let’s say you want to build a site in the format of Daring Fireball, where a single section has both Links and Articles. Previously you may have lumped both the Link and Article fields together in the same Field Layout and just ignored the ones you don’t need within any given entry. Now with Craft 1.2, you can give your section two separate Entry Types, each with only the necessary fields. At the top of each entry, there will be a new “Entry Type” setting, and changing its value will swap out all of the content tabs and fields. Easy!

Craft 1.2 is available now from, or a Craft install near you. Note that if you have not updated to the latest Craft 1.1 build already (1.1.2321), you will first need to update to that before you can get to 1.2.

We hope you like it!

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