Craft 1.1 Has Arrived!

It’s been a busy eight weeks since Craft 1.0 launched! In that time Craft has seen eight minor updates, there have been 1,403 new licenses and 774 new package trials issued, and 46 packages have been purchased. Craft has received high praise from people and companies we deeply respect, such as Happy Cog and Dan Perrera from The Outfit. The community continues to thrive with 888 members at the time of writing, and they’ve deployed Craft on some really cool sites – enough that we decided to build a showcase site to show them all off. We even wrote a three-hour training curriculum and gave it a test drive at Peers, and we’re working to bring it online in one form or another. A busy eight weeks, indeed!

Today we get to reveal the other thing we’ve been working on: Craft 1.1.

Craft 1.1 is a huge update. A ton of work has gone into all areas of the system. In fact it’s got over 60 new features and improvements, making it the single biggest Craft update we’ve ever released. We can’t go into all of them, but here are some of our favorites:

New Installer

We commissioned Paul Burton of Vile, Inc. to create this awesome illustration for Craft’s installer. We couldn’t be happier with the result:

Tags, The Fifth Element (Type)

Tags have joined entries, users, assets, and global sets, as the fifth official Element Type in Craft. That means that they’re no longer a dumb old comma-separated list buried in Entry Settings. Now they get their own field type which can be attached to anything, and it’s got a really great UI. You can even have multiple sets of tags if you need them! Each tag set gets its own field layout, meaning that you can even store content on your tags, such as a photo and description.

Assets Improvements

Your Assets fields have a couple handy new features: You can now upload new files directly from them, and you can edit your assets’ content right from them as well, by double-clicking on a selected asset (sound familiar?).

As great as Assets fields are becoming, you no longer need to use an Assets field to output files in your templates. That’s because there’s a new craft.assets template variable which lets you access them directly, just like craft.entries and craft.users.

Multi-Environment Support

We’ve heard you guys loud and clear: Craft needs better multi-environment support. To that end, Craft 1.1 comes with two new features that will make your lives much easier.

First, your config files can now return arrays of settings which target specific environments. Simple.

Then there’s the other half of the problem: overriding certain settings for each environment, such as your Site URL or your asset sources’ URL and Path settings. To date Craft hasn’t had any way to do that. We’ve been holding out because we wanted to find a solution that didn’t require you to have to hard-code a bunch of asset source IDs into your config file, and leave it up to plugin developers to implement their own solutions every time they add a new setting that could be considered environment-specific. Let alone the fact that it’s really annoying for the end user to type the same base URL and path again and again for each of these settings in their configs.

Luckily, the lightbulb finally turned on a couple days ago. What we came up with is a new config setting called ‘environmentVariables’. You can set it to an array of key/value pairs, and anything you put in there can be accessed via tags in your settings. For example, if you set a 'baseUrl' environment variable to 'http://example.com/', you can then go into your asset source settings and set the URL to “{baseUrl}assets/”. Your asset source URL will automatically be swapped to “http://example.com/assets/” at runtime. The best part is, you get to re-use that same environment variable wherever it’s needed – across each of your asset sources, your main Site URL setting, and any environment-specific plugin settings!

You can read the technical details of Craft’s new multi-environment support in the docs.

Lots more!

Like I said, there are more than 60 new features and improvements in Craft 1.1. If you want to find out more, check out the full release notes.

Craft 1.1 is out now, and just a click away for existing Craft installs, so what are you waiting for? Click that Update button!

If you’re new to Craft, you can grab it at buildwithcraft.com. The core is free, and all of the extended feature packages come with a free, 14-day trial. Check it out – we think you’ll like it!

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