Craft 1.0

It’s here. It packs 36 new features and improvements, including Live Preview – a feature that you really need to see to believe, awesome Search, new Color and relationship fields, a refreshed CP design, CP translations for five languages, and much more!

New website

We threw out Craft’s old website and gave it a brand new one, complete with a big list of features, learning resources, and a new Updates page that combines past release notes with our feature roadmap.

New docs

We’ve rewritten much of Craft’s documentation, taking its previous shortcomings into account. The new docs feature a new, simplified design, a CP walkthrough, a Twig primer, an overview of many of Craft’s core concepts, and some reference materials.

New video training series by Mijingo

We can’t take any credit for this one, but we’re stoked about it nonetheless: Mijingo has just released a new video series for learning Craft! Ryan Irelan takes you from novice to expert in this 2.5-hour, 3-video series covering Craft basics, Twig, and some more advanced concepts.


Today could not have been possible without a lot of people’s help. To all of you who helped us test the 1.0 release and translate the CP, we wholeheartedly thank you. We’d also like to thank Low for helping us out with Search, Brendon Carr for helping us with the new license agreement, Ryan Irelan for busting his butt to get the videos done in time, and EngineHosting for their continued hosting and support. And of course, a huge thanks to all of you who have been using Craft throughout the private and public betas. You are all wonderful people.

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