Assets 2.2 Released

We just released Assets 2.2, a big ‘ol update with a few cool new features.

“Recent Uploads” Smart Source

When selecting new files, your file selection sheets now have a new source, “Recent Uploads”. Click on that and you’ll see all the files that have been uploaded in the past 24 hours.

This feature actually addresses a usability issue that has plagued Assets since the beginning: If you have a directory with more files than Assets cares to show at first, and you upload a new file that happens to get sorted outside of the default view, then your newly-uploaded file is not automatically selected like it should be. Now with Assets 2.2, you’re always taken to the Recent Uploads source immediately after uploading files, where we can be sure that your file will be visible.

Content Elements Compatibility

Assets 2.2 joins Wygwam and Field Pack as the third P&T add-on to be compatible with Krea’s Content Elements add-on.

Grid Compatibility

Assets is also now compatible with the Grid fieldtype that comes with EE 2.7. (Yesterday’s 2.7.2 release is required to get it working on the template end of things.)


There are a few more additions as well, including new template tags, config settings, and a new extension hook, so check out the full release notes to see all that’s changed.

Assets 2.2 is a free update for all existing Assets licenses, and just $99 for new sites. Grab the update at Devot:ee!

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